Saturday, December 8, 2012


We took the kids to see Santa this morning. We thought we would beat the crowd by getting there at 10:30 am. Not so much. We got in line and were told that we may get to see Santa before he takes his break at 12:30 pm. Ugh. We were already there though and weren't leaving without seeing him, so we waited. I stayed in line while John took the kids to the play area. At 12:20 we started to get a little worried. Luckily though they called us up and then took only one more kid behind us. Whew!
Connor did ok, Addie not so much. She was excited about it before and even after, but not during as you can see :-) She cried last year too so we were expecting the same. Maybe next year she'll be old enough to enjoy it. They did great though considering how long we had to wait. Connor told Santa he wanted a bike, superhero Lego's and a race car!

~~Happy Holidays~~

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