Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tot Start Tennis

Aunt Nancy was in town visiting from Chicago a couple of weeks ago. Connor loved having her here and so did Addie! I was a little surprised with how quickly she warmed up to her. Her face would beam when she would see her! I guess I'm just so used to how long it has always taken Connor warm up to people. They continue to amaze me with how different their personalities are. Anyway, on Tuesday Nancy and John snuck into day care to watch Connor play Tennis and get the kids a little early since it was Nancy last day with us. John was able to capture the following video/pictures:

John said he seemed pretty quite and reserved, compared to the soccer practice he got to watch, but Connor says he likes it better than soccer. We'll keep him in it as long as he says he likes it :)

That evening John and Connor took Nancy to the airport. They parked on the top level of the short term parking garage to watch the planes for a bit which Connor loved. They took this picture, which I just love for some reason, pretending the fall off the building.

They stopped at McDonald's for dinner before heading home. He sure makes eating at McDonald's look fun.

We loved having Nancy visit us. We'll all miss her but she'll be back soon enough :)

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