Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Birthday Party

Connor was invited to a birthday party for a boy in his class at school. We thought it would be fun to go and meet some of the other parents plus it was at the Glazer Children’s Museum. After the party we could check out the museum for free! Connor had a good time and it was fun to watch him interact with his friends at school. I forgot our camera so I didn’t get to capture it :( John took a few with his cell phone which I’ve included below. The museum was really cool. All of the exhibits are about the world we live in and they’re all hands-on. My favorite was the mini Publix. Connor looked so cute pushing his little cart around picking out groceries! He knew just what to do. He loves to go to the store these days to "buy something." His favorite was the fire engine. He could climb in it and pretend to drive and turn on the siren. We had a hard time getting him out of it!

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