Thursday, June 9, 2011

We found our voice!

Addison has discovered her voice! It's so adorable, I could listen to her "talk" all day long....which I do! I have been trying to capture this on video for you but it's hard to do by myself. Unfortunately, she is more chatty in the morning and early afternoon. I don't know if she is just tired or doesn't feel like competing with Connor, but she doesn't talk as much once John gets home. I was able to get a short video clip (below) of her talking to Daddy...but this is nothing compared to what she does all day with me!

Addison is growing up so fast. She holds her head up really well and loves to stand with you supporting her. She is starting to sleep better and has given us a few 4 hour stretches in the last week. I still can't get her to go more than 2 hours without eating during the day. It doesn't matter how much milk I put into her bottles, she stops when she is full which is usually around 3 oz. I just know if I could get her to eat more at one time she could go longer but she isn't having it. She is a dainty little eater. The plus side to that is she hardly ever spits up. Which is the complete opposite of how Connor was. Connor would down as much milk as you would give him in 10 min or less...then (seemingly) spit it all back up moments later. Every baby is different! :)

Connor is still doing good as big brother. Lately he has been trying to involve her with our bedtime story ritual. The other night he read to her and tonight he actually picked out a book for her to read. :) He dropped it into her lap and told her that was her book to read. So cute!  
She is such a happy little baby though. She gives me the biggest smiles when she sees my face and will randomly laugh at things like me yawning. I don't remember Connor being so expressive this early. I keep trying to capture her smile but the second I get the camera out she stops and just stares at it. She absolutely loves her baths. If she is fussy all it takes is the sound of the running water to calm her down and put a smile on her face. You can actually see her getting excited when she knows it's bath time!
She doesn't take a pacifier but loves to suck on her fist. We still swaddle her but only when she sleeps at night. I think she could do without it but for now it helps her sleep more soundly. I'll be so happy when we can get out of our house and put her into her own room though. While she is a quiet sleeper I know I'm not sleeping anywhere near as soundly than if she was in another room. The second she starts to make noise I'm up and usually feeding her as I don't want her to wake up John and the dogs. It's not that I am actually worried about the dogs not getting their sleep, LOL, but they make noise (Jackson's loud nails clacking against the floor when he jumps down or flopping his ears) which in turns wakes her up.
I go back to work on the 20th of this month. I'm going to miss being home with her all day. I'm sure I'll adjust as I did with Connor but it will still be hard. Click here to see a few more pictures of Addie and some from last weekend. Connor got out the little splash pad Papa got him. The picture on the box made the pad look like it was 10 x 10 as it had 3 kids playing on it. Not so much..... 

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