Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Road Trip

We took a road trip down to Stuart a couple weekends ago to visit John's grandparents, Busia and Dziadzia. We weren't visiting until Sunday but went the night before to break the long drive up. How do pass time near the beach? Putt-putt of course! The kids had never played and were a little hesitant in the beginning but they absolutely loved it! Addie literally threw her club down, jumped up and squealed with excitement every time the ball went in the hole....all 18 of them! It was super cute, I could play putt-putt with her everyday if I had the opportunity :) We all had a great time!

We stayed at a hotel near Jensen Beach. It was a two room suite so the kids had their own room and we had a kitchen to cook dinner and have breakfast in. Unfortunately, a cold front had come through and it was too cold and windy to hang out much outside. It was fine by me as the FL/GA game was on ;) Go Gators!!!

We killed time at a park and walked down a pier before joining meeting Busia and Dzaidzia for lunch on Sunday. The restaurant we went to had a special Sunday brunch buffet going on which turned out to be great. My kids are always up for breakfast foods! We headed back to their house afterwards to visit for a few hours before heading back home. Busia got Connor and Addie each a little gift to open up and play with while we were there. 

Although our time with them was short we had a fun and memorable time.

Our view on the drive home

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