Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans


We went to a Fall Festival at Connor's school Friday night. They had a lot of games/booths and bounce houses for the kids. It was perfect weather for the event and the kids had fun.

Addie got a much needed haircut on Saturday. I would have been OK with a trim but she wanted it shorter like Mommy's so she got 4 or 5 inches cut off!

Saturday afternoon we went to Blaise's birthday party. More bounce house time and lots of fun with friends. Happy 3rd Birthday, Blaise!

 On Sunday we went to the Fussell's for their annual pumpkin carving party. Everyone brings their pumpkins to decorate and/or carve and Chris makes chili for dinner.

The party was fun as always and they had a really good turnout. There were 12 kids this year! It's impossible to get that many kids to look one way and smile at the same time :)

Mommy's masterpiece - Spooky Witch

Pumpkin carving itself isn't exactly 'fun' and to top it off, the kids picked one of the hardest designs for me to do! It was the only one they both agreed on though so I did my best to appease them :)

We're looking forward to Halloween this Friday! Hope everyone has a fun and safe night trick-or-treating!

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