Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Connor's 5th Birthday

My baby isn’t a baby anymore! I’m starting to sound like a broken record but I just can’t believe Connor is already 5! He has really grown and matured in the last several months and is quite self-sufficient. I’m not one to brag but Connor is also very smart. He only missed 1 out of 67 questions on his last Kindergarten readiness exam putting him at the top of his class! He makes good choices (most of the time!) and we always get a good report from his school. He is also so good with Addie. He genuinely loves her and is good about sharing and looking out for her. We really couldn’t be more proud! Now…on to the fun stuff!

Connor’s birthday party was a success! He wanted a trashie birthday party and I made sure he got one! They are not “main stream” yet (and will probably never be) so there weren’t any premade party supplies available. We managed to get the job done though thanks to the internet, printer, cardstock and a trusty pair of scissors. 

It turned out to be a gorgeous day and I think the kids all had a blast. Connor had quite a turnout too! There were 27 kids and 30 adults! They bounced. They played. They ate.  Addie, who generally doesn’t do bounce houses or cake, bounced and had her first cupcake!  Grandma thought I was going to be upset with her for feeding her a cupcake but I couldn’t have been more thrilled! I’ve been trying for almost 2 years to get her to eat cake! lol She would never try it and now wants cupcakes for her birthday party :) whew! I have been fretting over what to do.

This was his 'trashie' smile. The only kind of smile he would give me!

We attempted a family photo but our "photographer" only took 1 shot and it didn’t turn out.
Connor’s only complaint was that the party wasn’t at the park he wanted it at. I could deal with that :) I tried but it was already reserved. Our only complaint was with the company we reserved the bounce house from. I won’t get into it here but do not do business with Jump For Fun!

After the party we went to dinner at the Wine Exchange to celebrate Grandma’s birthday. Poor Addie was passed out by the time we got there. She had had a busy day and no nap! We had a really nice dinner and then headed back to the house. Connor was anxious to finally open his gifts!

Happy Birthday, Grandma!!

A big thank you to everyone who helped Connor celebrate his 5th birthday! Click here to see all the birthday shenanigans.

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