Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas: Part I

We celebrated Christmas with my parents last weekend. Our visit was a little short as we had to get ready for our ugly sweater party afterwards but it was a great visit nonetheless.

The kids loved their gifts. The favorites were their very own tablets! Crazy, I know, but at least now they will stop using mine :) So I was putting an app on Addie's tablet (per her request) and while looking over my shoulder she says, "Mommy, is it downloading?" I had to laugh but seriously...she is growing up way too fast! Of course, she likely learned it from us but still super cute to hear her say. That and her shouting "YESsss!" when she gets a strike on her bowling game.

You can view the rest of our pictures here. Thank you BeBe and Grandpa for a wonderful (early) Christmas! Stay tuned for Part II down in Cape Haze with John's family :)

~~ Happy Holidays! ~~

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