Thursday, November 14, 2013


We took our 2nd annual camping trip to Fort DeSoto last weekend. We went about this time last year with the same crew. There are four families and two campsites. We didn't have as good of a location (on the campgrounds) but we had a great trip! There was biking, playing, eating, kayaking and s'mores...can't forget the s'mores!
Most of us rode our bikes out to the fort on Saturday morning. Some of the guys went fishing and John couldn't ride due to a leg injury. After exploring the fort we walked the beach to the pier. We were greeted there by dolphins! There were several of them swimming around the pier, it was pretty cool.


Later that afternoon we took turns taking the kayaks out and came across two playful dolphins. They were swimming all around us, it was awesome!
This is not a very good video as it was hard to catch them in action. You never knew where they were going to pop up!
We didn't get a great sunset but we were thankful for great weather our entire trip. It would have been nice if it was a little cooler but I was just happy it never rained.

Addie stayed home with Grandma and Papa again this year. I think she would have had fun but I'm sure she enjoyed the undivided attention from her grandparents. They even took her to gymnastics Saturday morning. She loves it when she has a crowd :) We will definitely include her next year though. We're going to need a bigger tent!
You can view all of our camping pictures here.

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