Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Birthday, Connor!!!

Connor's birthday officially started on February 28th when John picked him up from school to treat him to lunch. It was Connor's choice and he chose McDonald's :) Later that evening Connor helped me decorate cake pops that we made to bring to his class the following day. His school greeted him Friday morning with a crown to wear so that everyone would know it was his birthday and his classmates all welcomed him in singing "Happy Birthday." What a great start to a birthday weekend! John and I brought in the cake pops later that afternoon for Connor to share with his new classmates (he transitioned into the prekindergarten class earlier that week).

We went ahead and brought the kids home after cake pops and since it was earlier than normal we took them to the playground before dinner. Connor was still proudly wearing his birthday crown. After dinner we let Connor go ahead and open our gifts to him. He had been asking for a Hess helicopter for months now, ever since a buddy of his brought his in for show and tell. Needless to say he was excited about his gift :) 

Little Addie came out of her room at one point with an old birthday hat of her own asking "where Addie's birthday presents?" I felt so bad as she obviously didn't quite understand what was going on. At least her birthday is right around the corner so she won't have to wait long for her own presents.


Connor got to stay up a little later than normal playing with his new toys. After he went to bed John and I blew up a million balloons (not really but it felt like it) and decorated his door with streamers so he would wake up to a birthday surprise. He was thrilled when he came into our bedroom the following 6 am. Ugh. So much for my hopes of him sleeping in. So he went to bed late and got up extra early. Not good as we knew he wouldn't nap before his party.


Connor's Power Ranger party was scheduled for 3:30 pm at the park. BeBe, Grandpa, Uncle Chris, Grandma and Papa came to our house prior to the party. Connor opened their gifts and we all enjoyed each other's company before we had to leave for the park. All morning long we watched the weather as it was cold, overcast and had been sprinkling on and off. Luckily the sun came out prior to the party but it was still COLD! We packed up and headed out...

On our way to the party Connor realized he didn't have his birthday crown. I asked him if he really needed it. His response was "Yes! How else will everyone know who the birthday boy is?" Precious. So we hightailed it back to the house for his crown. I was supposed to pick up a Box of Joe on the way from Dunkin Donuts to help keep the adults warm. But as we were heading that way we noticed some friends of ours in the car ahead of us. I casually mentioned it to Connor and he freaked. "No, they can't beat us to my party!" So I stepped on it and completely forgot about the coffee. I was determined to get my birthday boy to his party first! Grandpa was following behind me. He must have thought I was crazy the way I was driving. The things we do for our kids ;)



Connor had a blast at his party. He had most of his buddies from school and the weather didn't seem to bother them a bit. The adults, on the other hand, were freezing. I definitely did not prepare accordingly. For myself or the kids. They both had runny noses by the end of it...we were doomed.

After the party we said our goodbye's to BeBe, Grandpa and Uncle Chris, ordered take-out from Beef O'Brady's and relaxed the rest of the evening with Grandma, Papa and Aunt Nancy. We were supposed to go to Beef's, at Connor's request, but he was too worn out. He didn't even eat dinner (another warning sign of what was to come). Grandma and Papa were staying overnight and after a cozy evening in front of our fire, we called it a night. Around 4 am Connor started crying and when we brought him to our bed he felt a little on the warm side. Turns out he had a fever and after a couple of restless hours he fell asleep. My poor baby :(

We went ahead and went out for breakfast the following morning. We were all hungry and I hadn't really planned on cooking us all breakfast. Connor loves going to breakfast. I'm pretty sure it's his favorite meal. Chocolate chip pancakes. With Syrup. Can't forget the syrup. Other than having a fever he seemed fine though so we were hopeful it wouldn't stick around or get too high. We're still over cautious with him as we are afraid he could have another seizure. He ended up staying home from school Monday and Tuesday but never developed anymore symptoms. All and all he had a great birthday though. Thanks to everyone that were able to help him celebrate!

You can view all of his birthday pictures here.

Happy 4th Birthday, Connor!!! We  you!

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