Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We started our Halloween festivities on Sunday at the Peper/Fussell household. I believe this is our third year in a row doing this with them. Marti and Chris make chili and we all carve our pumpkins. The weather was perfect as it had just cooled down, making it feel more festive. Our pumpkin was so big that gutting it took forever, so we went with an 'easy' design this year. 
Carlton Academy had their annual Halloween parade Wednesday morning. Connor and Addie were less than thrilled, can't you tell by the pictures? I don't think Addison understood what was going on and it really doesn't seem like a fun idea for the kids. It was cute to see all the other costumes though. And it's always nice to skip out of work for a bit :)

We picked the kids up early that afternoon to get ready for trick-or-treating! We went back to the Peper/Fussell residence to go out in their neighborhood. Our street is too busy to feel safe letting the kids loose. They had so much fun and got way more candy than we know what to do with. Neither of them were ready to call it a night even though they were both up waaay past their bedtime. Overall a very fun evening. Happy Halloween! 

You can view the rest of our Halloween pictures here.

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