Wednesday, October 17, 2012

18 Months Old!

This post is a couple of weeks overdue. Believe it or not but our little princess has hit the 18 month mark! She continues to amaze us with how smart she is. We hear if from people all the time too, especially at daycare. It just isn't common for a toddler her age to talk so much :) And she doesn't just talk, she sings! It's adorable the way she sings and dances. I can't get enough of it! She's really sweet and lovable and loves to cuddle with us in bed in the mornings. She's becoming much more independent though and wants to do everything on her own. This is sometimes hard as she is still pretty small but she does her best to try! She is also a dare devil and can climb really well considering her size. This is good and bad. I like that she isn't afraid of things but you can't turn your eye for a second. She'll either be attempting to jump off the couch or climb on top of the fridge. I don't think she would really try to climb on top of the fridge but you get my point.

Addison absolutely adores her brother. She will do anything to get his attention and mimics everything he does. If she sees Connor do something, she is attempting it 1 second later. This is where the climbing and jumping comes into play :| She doesn't always like to share but neither does Connor. She always gives him a big hug before bed and walks away with a big smile on her face.

Our nights haven't been great lately but that is mostly due to teething. All four of her molars are coming in at one time. Slowly. Throw in an ear infection and we've had some rough nights.

She did okay at her 18 month checkup but that is when we uncovered her double ear infection. The same thing happened at her 15 month checkup. It's not really a good sign that she doesn't show many symptoms. She didn't have a fever, runny nose, etc. She wasn't sleeping great but we had attributed that to her teething. We took her back for a recheck two weeks later and they had both cleared. We just need to keep a close eye on her as the sick season approaches. If she starts to get more and more ear infections we may need to talk tubes.

Height ~ 30 inches (5th percentile)
Weight ~ 20.5 pounds (20th percentile)
Head ~ 17.88 inches (20th percentile)
She has also moved into a new room at school. She is now in Ms. Neko's class and she seems to really like her. Ms. Neko loves Addison and we have a good feeling about her so far. She seems really nice and was really excited to have Addison in her room. She seems to have adjusted well but is still a little apprehensive at drop off in the mornings. Most of the kids are a lot bigger than she is so that could be intimidating as well.
Having fun waiting for the doctor...

Not happy about being checked out!

Connor got his flu shot while we were there. He even wanted to go first, to show Addie how it's done :) He's such a great big brother!


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