Wednesday, December 21, 2011

SeaWorld Christmas Celebration

We headed to Orlando a few weekends ago for one last visit to SeaWorld before our passes expire. We got there late in the day so that we could enjoy their Christmas Celebration with lights and all. I guess everyone had the same idea. The park was packed! We didn't get to do nearly as much as we wanted to but we still had fun. It was so busy that you had to arrive at least 45 min early to the shows. We knew we had to at least see the Sesame Street show which was at 6:30 pm. So we headed straight there and got in line around 5:45 pm. It was a long wait but Connor and Addison both loved it! We knew Connor would but were surprised with how much joy it brought to Addie.


We were hoping Addie would sleep in the stroller after the show so that we could enjoy more of the park. Let's just say that wasn't happening. She screamed if we even thought of putting her in the stroller. Unfortunately that meant our time there was limited as her bedtime is usually around 7 pm. So we quickly toured through the Sea of Trees on our way to see some of Connor's favorites - the penguins, dolphins and sting rays!


Addison fell asleep as soon as we hit the road. Connor got to enjoy a movie on his new portable DVD player (early Christmas present). Thanks Bebe and Grandpa!

More SeaWorld pics here.

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