Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Baby Jayce

We made a trip down to Cape Haze this past Sunday where we got to see/meet baby Jayce! Our good friends Jeremy and Danielle had their baby boy 3 weeks ago. We've been dying to get down there to see him and finally had a free day to do it. Connor stayed with Grandma and Papa while we went for our visit. He had a blast and naturally didn't want to go home.

Addie and Jayce having a moment ;) She was very interested in him!
We were also able to pick up Connor's new big boy bed! John's parents kept his old bunk beds all these years so we thought we'd just use those. Connor seems ready and Addison could really use a real bed (she's still in the pack-n-play). We've been talking it up a lot lately to get him ready. He was really excited, especially when he got home from school yesterday to find it all put together! We left the crib in his room and gave him the choice as to which bed he wanted to sleep in. We were excited that he chose to sleep in his new bed. He did great! He woke up this morning so proud. I asked if he was ready to give his baby bed to Addie and he said "Yes!!" We'll see how the next few nights go but so far so good.

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